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Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

my vacation story

on my vacation last week there is a little different than my usual vacation. on that day I was invited to go by my friends to the lake Sarangan Magetan located in eastern Java. I and my friends really enjoy the scenery in my journey toward the lake Sarangan, many lands that are still empty and many rice fields are very green there. when we got our Sarangan lake immediately headed to the hotel which was our previous message. after arriving at the hotel we walked into her room each, so up to my room I went straight to bed to rest after traveling a considerable distance from our house, we do many things in there, among others, is to assemble our picture frames respectively, a walk around the lake, take pictures, and see the beautiful scenery at the lake Sarangan, after a day is enough in the afternoon we finally decided to go back to the hotel and sleep. the next day we decided to bought some presents for family at home, such as clothes, special food Magetan, hats, and others. There are not even bought a souvenir because he had run out of money just to bought their own interests only, despite that he kept the spirit to go to Sarangan. finally time to go home, everything looks sad because of leaving Sarangan along with a million happy memories in it, but we all keep these memories in our hearts, and on the way home is not there any more sadness in our hearts and we're still excited on the way home with an abundance of beautiful memories that will not be forgotten with my friends at the lake Sarangan

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